Senior Biology Major William Evans enthralled by Medical Research

As a research-oriented student, senior William Evans worked alongside Dr. Meneghini and Dr. Buller at IU Health Saxony.

“To me, both Dr. Meneghini and Dr. Buller exemplify what it means to be a physician,” Evans said. “Both have made it their careers to serve others in the operating room and futures patients by conducting research that is helping influence the future treatment of patients.”

Their research involves looking at the management of acute postoperative urinary retention in total joint arthroplasty patients to determine optimal treatment. Their goal is to reduce morbidity associated with postoperative urinary retention and reduce the length of hospital stay. William was responsible for the study design, conducting and analyzing the information, and submitting a final paper by the end of last summer. He also observes and shadows both doctors’ surgery and patient interactions.

“Both doctors are more than willing to donate their time to help. Dr. Meneghini and Dr. Buller have been extremely valuable resources,” he said. “As I continue to look through patients’ charts, they are more than willing to answer my questions. Their willingness to help me conduct my research project has sparked my interest in continuing to be involved in research.”

William studies Biology and is in the Liberal Arts Management Program (LAMP). He entered LAMP because wanted to better understand business practices, but he said the program greatly exceeded his expectations. The LAMP program has become a community where he has made many lifelong friends.

“The most rewarding part of this experience was observing the commitment made by the physicians,” William said. “It gave me first-hand experience on the commitment needed to succeed.”

William is currently applying to medical schools in the midwest with hopes of attending IU medical school.

By Matthew Galgano
Matthew Galgano Peer Coach Matthew Galgano