Everything Faculty Need to Know about Virtual Career Fairs

The Walter Center is currently marketing our upcoming Virtual Winter Career & Internship Fair to students to attend. As we do that, we thought it might be helpful to provide some information on what a student can expect as they participate.

We use Handshake, the new software for career services at IU, as our platform to host the fair. Students log in to their account and must register for the fair to be able to see what employers’ availability is (students can see which employers are coming prior to registering). Once registered, students search the employers to identify which ones they’d like to speak with or learn more about.

Employers offer two types of meetings: group or 1:1 session. Group sessions have up to 50 total students and offer an opportunity for students to learn general information about the employer and their opportunities. 1:1 sessions are more intimate and allow students to ask specific questions about the employer and the roles they offer. For each type of meeting, we encourage students to research the employer before attending. This helps students come prepared with questions in mind and asking those questions helps them stand out to the employer (much like students who ask questions in your classes often stand out to you as well).

After meeting with an employer, students are encouraged to follow up with the representative they met with. This simple ‘Thank you for your time’ message is another opportunity for the student to shine in the eyes of the employer and show a continued interest. Employers are also able to follow up with students they are interested in interviewing. Students have reported employers they met with their junior year reach out during their senior year if they are highly interested so we encourage students to attend fairs at any point during their time at IU.

Throughout the entire process, students have access to our career coaches …even during the fair! If you know of a student attending the fair who could use some support make sure to send them this information:

Career Coaching for Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Finally, if you know of any employers who would be great to attend our career fair please contact Will Reed, Senior Associate Director, Employer Relations (wcreed@iu.edu) and he’ll make sure we get in touch with them!

By Maureen Langley
Maureen Langley Designer & Marketing Coordinator Maureen Langley