Now Hiring: Media School Alumnus Monte Parker Shares Sales Journey with Fischer Homes

For Monte, two experiences at IU were critical when it came to learning what she wanted in her future career. Before she began working at Fischer Homes, which she describes as “exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for,” she worked as a server in a local restaurant and on campus in the Office of Admissions.

Even though she picked up experience and skills while working at the Office of Admissions, she was quick to learn that a strictly-office environment wasn’t something she desired. However, while she worked as a server, she was able to find out that she really enjoyed a more active, fast-paced work environment that allowed her to connect with lots of different people.

While she liked “being more autonomous and dealing with customers in a fun, social environment,” she knew she didn’t want to be a server long-term. She has to assess what parts of being a server she did and didn’t like so she could replicate those in a different industry.

So, she worked on charting a path forward.

While attending a career fair, she met a representative from Yelp and decided to apply for a role in Inside Sales.

“I had never considered sales, but as I went through that interview process, I realized that I liked a lot of aspects about the job,” Monte said. “The only thing that wasn’t clicking with me was that it was primarily an on-the-phone role, and I prefer to be face-to-face.”

Once again, she had to consider what she really wanted. She turned down Yelp and began looking for other sales opportunities. This is when she found Fischer Homes, which is one of the largest & most reputable home builders in the Greater Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Louisville, and Dayton areas.

“Fischer Homes stood out to me and I carefully applied, because I could tell immediately it was something I would be interested in. Fischer Homes is exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for — it’s perfect to jumpstart my career, and I am so grateful I went to that job fair that led me to Yelp that led me to sales that led me to Fischer Homes.”

Now in Monte’s weekly work life, no two days are the same. She likes that the job keeps her on her toes. Her days are filled with meeting customers or realtor partners, e-mails and phone calls, following up with customers, and keeping up on training.

Her advice for you?

“Keep your metaphorical doors as open as possible. Keep an open mind, be ready, willing, and accepting of the future, and surprising opportunities will present themselves to you.”

Connect with Fischer Homes at the Winter Career + Internship Fair on February 11th by signing up for a group or 1:1 session. View their Handshake Employer page to browse and apply for their open positions.

By Will Reed
Will Reed Senior Associate Director, Employer Relations Will Reed