Looking for Journalism Internships? Check out Poynter’s Journalism Internship Database

poynter logoStruggling to find a summer internship in Journalism during the pandemic? Poynter has a Journalism internship database that will help you navigate your internship search.

Students can look for summer, fall and spring internships while news organizations can submit their openings.

Internships serve as a stepping stone for young journalists to improve their portfolio, add work experience and break into the journalism industry. That’s why Poynter maintains a list of news media internships some of which include: USA Today, NPR, and The Los Angeles Times just to name a few!

News organizations can submit their information and students can look through the listings below. Please note: Poynter does not accept or list unpaid internships.

For help or questions, email college@poynter.org.

Not sure where to start? Poynter’s OnPoynt webinar “Job Hunting During a Pandemic” has lots of great advice on landing jobs and internships, and even comes with a best practices tip sheet. And it’s free.

This list is not exhaustive.  Don’t see your favorite outlet? Check out its website and reach out.

Visit the Poynter website here.


By William Pape
William Pape Peer Coach William Pape