Partner with the Walter Center and Connect Your Alumni to Your Students

The Walter Center for Career Achievement wants to partner with you to help you connect your department’s alumni with current students so they can share how they used their liberal arts degree.  

The best part is, the Walter Center does all the heavy lifting. We make sure students walk away with a better understanding of your discipline, their options in career services, and various career paths liberal arts majors can follow, even if that path doesn’t directly relate to their major.  

The alumni who’ve participated in this program share the power of their liberal art degree by talking about their unique career paths, some of which you can view on our Career Outcomes Dashboard. 

All we ask from your department is to help us get students to attend this event by adding some educational incentives in the classroom. 

Students attend Liberal Arts Impact in March 2019 to learn more about career opportunities for Spanish and Portuguese majors.

If you or your department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies would like to talk more on the subject, please reach out to Amy Cornell, Director of Strategic Alumni Engagement at the Walter Center at 

If you would like to attend a Liberal Arts Impact event, please contact Amy Cornell, Director of Strategic Alumni Engagement at the Walter Center—to get a link to attend a program. We can also set up a meeting to talk with you or your Director of Undergraduate studies about the success of our programs and how we would help you with one of your own. 

Liberal Arts Impact programs are open to the IU community. You are welcome to browse the Walter Center’s events calendar to find an event that fits your schedule. 

Liberal Arts Impact: History is coming up on February, 23rd.

By Amy Cornell
Amy Cornell Senior Associate Director, Alumni Engagement Amy Cornell