Is this Employer for Real? Follow These Tips to Find Out!

It’s that time of year where employers are working hard to fill their still open positions and students are diligent about securing an internship or full-time position. Unfortunately, this is also a time that fraudulent employers show up as well. Below is a check list that our team uses to vet employers in Handshake. These should help you as you vet potential employers as well.  

Please note that it does not automatically mean that an employer is fraudulent if they fail to meet one of the criteria below. This simply means that additional research should be done to ensure that they are a legitimate employer. 

  • Check the employer’s websiteDoes it look professional? Do the links work? Is there a careers page? (not all employers have career pages on their websites.)
  • Check the employer’s addressType the address into Google Maps and verify that it is a commercial location. 
  • Look up the employer on LinkedIn: Does the employer have a profile? Do they have jobs listed? (some employers do not list jobs on LinkedIn). If they list a representative to contact, is that contact listed as an employee on their profile? 
  • Is the employer requiring money up front: Legitimate internships should not require money in order to be hired. We strongly recommend not paying any money in order to participate in an internship. 
  • If you are still unsure about the legitimacy of the employer, contact them: Call the phone number listed and confirm the position (once you confirm the position is real you can also use this call to communicate your interest and ask any questions you might have!). Use the email address listed on their website or LinkedIn profile to confirm the position. 

As always, we are here to help! If there is ever an employer that you just aren’t sure about, we would be happy to investigate them further for you. Just email your career coach or with your concerns or questions. 

By Sarah Daugherty
Sarah Daugherty Events & Recruitment Coordinator Sarah Daugherty