Now Hiring: General Motors Opportunities with Alum Jack Theising

Meet Jack Theising, a data scientist at General Motors (GM) and former double major in Physics and Math. In his spare time he worked on his Spanish minor and participated in the Astronomy Club, among other things. He credits all of his work at IU with preparing him for success at GM.

“The classes in the math program taught me the necessary skills I need to understand the predictive models we use… the physics education helped me develop critical thinking skills I need to solve the complex business problems we work with. Finally, I want to talk about my astronomy education. I took a course where I learned the basics of Python applied to astronomy (and if I recall correctly, there are no astronomy pre-recs, so almost anyone can take it).  I practice the skills I learned from that course every day.”

And, about that Astronomy Club…

“This club helped me improve my public speaking skills I use when I give presentations to my team or business associates. In addition, it taught me how to talk about complex topics in a way that everyone in the room can understand. This is crucial to my day-to-day work. Many of my business associates might not be as familiar with predictive models, but still need to understand them at a high level. Explaining how black holes are formed to a non-astronomy major is not so different from talking to a businessperson about the formulation of a logistic regression.”

Jack didn’t plan on working at GM but after his graduate school aspirations ended (his choice) he knew he needed to find a job. He attended a College of Arts + Sciences Career Fair where he met with GM reluctantly (he thought they would want him to build cars). After hearing about the data scientist role he was sold.

“When I left the GM booth, it was not at all what I was expecting going into it. However, once I started thinking about the position, it made sense to me and I was intrigued.”

About GM

Our vision is a world with Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions and Zero Congestion and we embrace the responsibility to lead the change that will make our world better, safer and more equitable for all. Together, we want to make electric vehicles for everyone and safely push transportation beyond our wildest imaginations with autonomous vehicles and advance hydrogen fuel cell technology. It is our aspiration to become the most inclusive company in the world. We believe we all must make a choice every day – individually and collectively – to drive meaningful change through our words, our deeds and our culture. One team, where all ideas are considered and heard, where everyone can contribute to their fullest potential, with a culture based in respect, integrity, accountability and equality.

Join GM

GM is looking to hire students in Information Technology (they really like students with degrees in Math, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, and Astronomy due to the quantitative focus). Jack shared these tips to stand out when applying for data analyst or data scientist positions (which are part of the Information Technology position listed above).

“Highlighting your computer skills in the first part of your resume is important. In addition, be sure to include any significant projects or real-life examples that demonstrate proficiency with these skills… Almost all the data scientists use Python in Jupyter notebooks. If you have any experience with this, be sure to bring it up.”

Connect with GM

Join Jack on March 25, 3-4pm EST as he hosts an information session on Information Technology positions they are currently recruiting for.

Connect with Jack on the Walter Center Success Network to ask him questions about the work he does and advice for your application.

By Will Reed
Will Reed Senior Associate Director, Employer Relations Will Reed