New Work from the Walter Center’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The Walter Center has a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

We strive to increase our outreach to and engagement with underrepresented students in the College, to present a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, and to provide programs and services for all underrepresented students.

One big project this year has been to curate and publish a list of diversity career resources on our website as part of a wide-ranging resource library. We invite you to take a look at all of our resources and let us know if you would like us to add something or you know of something that is missing.

Second, the WCCA is addressing the reality that underrepresented students often face difficult or impossible financial hurdles that prevent their participation in internships. Because of generous donors, the Walter Center has internship scholarship funds available to students in the College who cannot afford to accept unpaid, or low-paying internships. We work hard to spread the word among under-represented groups and increase our applications to these funds. These funds are available for fall, spring and summer opportunities so feel free to mention them on your syllabus!

We invite faculty and staff to partner with us by sharing these opportunities and resources with students at any available opportunity. We would love to hear your ideas, resources, and expertise to help us continue to pursue excellence in this work. We in the Walter Center will continue in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion both internally and to all we serve. Feel free to email your ideas to

By The Walter Center For Career Achievement
The Walter Center For Career Achievement