Class of 2020 Career Outcomes Now Included in Center’s Dashboard

The Walter Center’s Career Outcomes Dashboard is a popular page for members of the College of Arts + Sciences community, as it illustrates the success students experience in the months following graduation.

The data, which are collected in accordance with standards set forth by NACE, are collected through survey distribution, emails, phone calls, information gathered by staff and faculty in departments, National Clearinghouse Data, and other sources.

For the Class of 2020, this amounted to an 82% knowledge rate, which is the percentage of graduates for which first destination status is known. This class is the first year in which data were collected from graduates of masters and doctoral programs.

The dashboard filters can be used to view academic areas/schools, degree type, and major(s) – though data displays are limited by institutional data minimums that prevent individual student results to be elucidated from the dashboard tool. If you’re interested in the datasets populating the dashboard, please reach out to me, Tanner Terrell, at

We’re currently collecting data for the Class of 2021! As you send congratulations and celebrate within your departments, please consider encouraging students to report their post-graduation plans via this link. I’ve also provided some example language below that you can use/adapt as you encourage reporting in your department. We appreciate any efforts to assist in this collection effort!

Dear (student),

Our department and the College of Arts + Sciences want to make sure you’re supported as you pursue the next chapter in your professional life.

Please share your current post-graduation status with the College by clicking the link below. If you are where you want to be in this season of life – great! Please share your good news via the link. If you are still searching, please share your current situation via the link, as well. The Walter Center, your career office in the College, will reach out with a phone call within a business day to share all their free supports, including unlimited Career Coaching, exclusive job boards, and more.

Click here to report your status.

These data are used in a variety of ways, but you should know that your information will remain confidential and will not be used by IU to solicit, but rather for educational and research purposes. One example of how these data are used can be found on the Walter Center’s Career Outcomes dashboard.

Thanks for your time,

(Your Signature)

By Tanner Terrell
Tanner Terrell Director of Operations