Now Hiring: Fellowships… for Undergrads?

If you are an undergraduate student, you might have considered gaining work experience through a job or internship. But did you know that a fellowship is also an option? 

Fellowships have a reputation as only being available to graduate students, but they are also available to undergraduates and recent graduates with a Bachelor’s degree. A fellowship is both an award and an opportunity. Recipients of the fellowship (fellows) earn money or get expenses paid for while also being able to participate, study, or work in a certain program. Fellowships available to undergraduate students in the IU College of Arts + Sciences include:


Sustain IU ISDP Climate Fellows

The Indiana Sustainability Development Program (ISDP) program partners with Indiana-based private, public and nonprofit organizations to host summer fellows throughout the Hoosier state to provide solutions-based sustainability expertise. Climate Fellows gain valuable experience working full-time in a professional setting, partners receive assistance in sustainability and climate planning from talented students and the ISDP resource network, and Indiana benefits from this critical sustainability work. Learn more on the Sustain IU website and be sure to talk with Sustain IU at the College of Arts + Sciences Career + Internship Fair (VIRTUAL) and at the  College of Arts + Sciences Career + Internship Fair (IN-PERSON).

Teach for America IGNITE Fellowship

Make an immediate impact by leading small group learning experiences for students in a virtual setting with the support of veteran educators. As an Ignite Fellow, you’ll build meaningful relationships with youth, accelerate student learning, and gain skills that propel forward your own leadership. This is a virtual, part-time, paid opportunity.  Learn more and apply on Handshake by September 6, 2021.


The US student Fulbright program provides funding for round trip transportation, living expenses and insurance for research in all disciplines and for teaching English in various places around the world. There are a variety of types of Fulbright grants and these application tips provide summaries of the types and tips for applying. IU has an office that can support you while you apply for Fulbright. To see the days and times of upcoming info sessions and to register visit the IU National Scholarships and Awards events page.

Fellowships found through the Office of National Scholarships & Awards

More fellowships for undergraduates can be found by searching the databases of the IU Office of National Scholarships & Awards.




enFocus is a nonprofit that hosts paid fellowship and internship programs in the South Bend-Elkhart, Indiana region. Fellows and interns work on consulting-like business, analytics, and technology projects for community partners in the private business, government, education, manufacturing, healthcare, and nonprofit sectors. Fellows and interns also lead applied research and entrepreneurial projects. Throughout these programs, our team provides professional development opportunities and access to a network of mentors to assist Fellows and interns as they launch their careers. Learn more at the enFocus page on Handshake.

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) Fellowships 

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education connects the most talented and diverse college students, recent graduates, postdocs, and faculty to programs closely aligned with the interests of a variety of research and STEM or policy related facilities, including those managed by several U.S. federal agencies. The educational requirements for Fellowships at ORISE vary – please browse the list of fellowships on Handshake to know if you qualify. 

Orr Fellowship

Orr Fellowship recruits and develops the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs in Indianapolis, and we welcome soon-to-be graduates of all backgrounds to apply.  Orr Fellows work in a variety of job functions, ranging from Marketing to Engineering to Consulting, Sales and many more. Outside of their 9 to 5 job, Orr Fellows participate in different forms of development training. Fellows benefit from being a part of a community of 130+ peers and have access to a robust network of over 500+ Alumni who have participated in and completed the program. Visit the ORR Fellowship page on Handshake to learn more and apply.


By Hillary Nienhouse
Hillary Nienhouse Assistant Director, Employer Relations Hillary Nienhouse