Now Hiring: AgriNovus promotes ag-bio-science jobs

Agriculture is one of Indiana’s most robust industries. Our fair state ranks 2nd in popcorn production, 3rd in spearmint, and 5th in corn. And the industry relies on much more than farmers to thrive. But how does a student navigate all of these career options? AgriNovus.

About AgriNovus

“AgriNovus Indiana is an initiative to fuel growth in Indiana’s agbioscience economy – the sector where food, science, technology and agriculture converge. We are here to positively impact Indiana’s agbioscience economy with a laser focus on talent development, entrepreneurship and business growth. Indiana is home to unparalleled agbioscience talent + innovation. AgriNovus thrives at connecting people, ideas and resources to innovate and grow the high-tech agbioscience sector.”


How they operate

AgriNovus created a special platform for students – Field Atlas. You can use Field Atlas to take a career quiz, search job boards, and do in-depth research on specific industries. There is something for all majors and backgrounds. Students in the life or environmental sciences may be particularly interested in some roles.


Connect with AgriNovus

Be sure to speak with AgriNovus at the College of Arts + Sciences Fall Career + Internship Fair on September 20 and September 21!

By Hillary Nienhouse
Hillary Nienhouse Assistant Director, Employer Relations Hillary Nienhouse