Now Hiring: Orr Fellowship helps new Grads become Entrepreneurs

There are several things a student might be worried about when graduating. Is it smart to take a job in a new city? How does one make friends after leaving college? How does one break into certain industries if they’ve never had the experience? One Indiana initiative – Orr Fellowship – addresses these concerns and more. Orr Fellowship hires recent college graduates of all majors to live and work in Indianapolis for 2 years, all while gaining entrepreneurship skills and working alongside a cohort.

Orr Fellowship | Orr Fellowship

About Orr Fellowship

“At Orr Fellowship, our mission is to recruit and develop the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. We empower extraordinary college graduates with a set of unique skills and experiences not found elsewhere. The Fellowship provides programming and opportunities for personal and professional growth, with the goal of retaining this talent in central Indiana into the future.

On top of exciting new careers by day, in the evenings Orr Fellows have the opportunity to grow, learn, and connect. The Orr experience brings Fellows out of their comfort zones and connects them with a group of people who will become lifelong friends and peers. Fellows learn about themselves while gaining professional experience along the way. They are developing ideas and habits that will carry them throughout the rest of their professional and personal lives.

Fellows are recruited from the top seniors at universities in Indiana and other states, with an average acceptance rate of 5-6%. Converging in Indianapolis, these talented graduates make a 2-year commitment and join vibrant companies in positions that create a foundation for career success. Throughout their two-year experience, Fellows are given opportunities to grow their professional/social network, engage in community activities and interact with a robust Alumni network.”

Connect with Orr Fellowship:

Be sure to talk with a representative of Orr Fellowship at the virtual Arts + Sciences Career Fair on September 20 or attend an Orr Fellowship webinar. 

By Hillary Nienhouse
Hillary Nienhouse Assistant Director, Employer Relations Hillary Nienhouse