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Are you looking for internships and want to stay in Indiana? There are resources for you! One such resource is Work and Learn Indiana, a program of the Institute for Workforce Excellence, a non-profit subsidiary of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

What is Work and Learn Indiana?

Work and Learn Indiana connects you with thousands of Indiana organizations across the state. They’re currently showcasing 150 work-based learning experiences. No matter what your career interests are, Work and Learn Indiana makes it easy to search and apply for work-based learning opportunities all in one place.

Work and Learn Indiana helps Indiana employers and community partners develop and retain Hoosier talent through relevant work-and-learn experiences that drive a highly skilled and equitable workforce. They support Indiana’s largest statewide marketplace of work-and-learn opportunities for Hoosiers and employers that promote talent development and career advancement. Currently, Work and Learn Indiana has over 1000 companies listed and over 300 positions for students interested in finding an internship in the state of Indiana!

How can I connect with them?

Give them a call: 317-264-6852
Email them:
Connect with them on social media: @WorkandLearnIN

By Hillary Nienhouse
Hillary Nienhouse Associate Director, Employer Relations