All Careers Considered: Leaving your Comfort Zone with Leila Alejandra

In this episode, we speak with Leila Alejandra (Contreras Cuervo) about her journey from IU Bloomington to her role as Analytical Biochemist at Eurofins. She talks about her journey and her studies abroad that ultimately got her where she is today. She also speaks about the importance of making connections and not burning down bridges. 

Leila Alejandra is a Master Thesis Student, where she is working in the Virology lab trying to understand the evolution of myxoma virus in Spanish rabbit populations. 

Before her thesis, Leila had numerous experiences that each impacted her journey substantially. This included her time as a research student at IUPUI where she Performed human cancer cell culture experiments to study the relationship between hyperglycemia and cancer cell morphology through phosphoinositol signaling pathways as well as performing databased research on cancer patient populations to better understand the different effects from mutations on genes controlling enzymes on the phosphoinositol pathway. She also has some experience as a Particulates Biochemist at Eurofins. Every opportunity Leila has faced, she seized and went above and beyond. Opportunity does not always come right away. Leila advises to be patient because with time it will come, but in the meantime, keep actively pursuing until somebody gives you a chance. 

Leila currently resides in Spain where she strives and works hard to complete her masters. 



By Ricardy Elie
Ricardy Elie Strategic Alumni Engagement Intern