Graduating? Share Your Post-College Plans!

What Will You do Next?

The Walter Center is currently collecting data for the Class of 2022! If you recently finished school (congratulations!), please let us know what you plan to do next. Use your IU login to access our secure reporting website at Questions can be emailed to This data is very helpful to us at the Walter Center as to how we can serve students in the future and also helps current and prospective students see what is possible with a degree from The College.

Explore the Career Outcomes Dashboard

We collect first destination information for each class of graduates and use the data to populate the Walter Center’s Career Outcomes Dashboard. This page illustrates the success students experience in the months following their graduation from the College of Arts + Sciences at Indiana University. It shows insights regarding what industry, salary, location, and much more graduates from the College report for their first destination after graduating.

Career Outcomes Dashboard

Career outcome data, which are collected in accordance with standards set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), tell the story of what students end up doing after graduation, whether that’s a full or part-time job, graduate school, freelancing, or otherwise. This data was collected through survey distribution, emails, phone calls, information gathered by staff and faculty in departments, National Clearinghouse Data, and other sources.

For the Class of 2021, this amounted to an 84% knowledge rate, which is the percentage of graduates for which first destination status is known.

If you’re a College of Arts + Sciences faculty member interested in the datasets populating the dashboard, please reach out to Tanner Terrell, at

By The Walter Center For Career Achievement
The Walter Center For Career Achievement