Andrea White

Associate Director, Career Education

Andrea White

Andrea is a Midwestern girl at heart, having grown up in Ohio. Performing in theatre her entire life, she thought her dream job was to become a Broadway star. Upon completion of high school, Andrea decided to forego the unstable life of an aspiring actress and graduated with a degree in sociology. She attended graduate school, pursuing school counseling, to specifically concentrate on college and career preparation for young adults. While at the University of Dayton, Andrea worked in various roles in career services. It was through this wide array of experiences that Andrea’s passion for career services and assisting others with their personal career development was solidified. She takes a holistic approach to career coaching, assisting others in aligning their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs with their career goals. Andrea enjoys educating, coaching and mentoring others, all primary aspects of her current position. Andrea’s interests include visiting friends and family, musical theatre, pop culture, viral YouTube videos, and Cleveland sports. Andrea is thrilled to be a part of Indiana University!

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
First a cheerleader – I loved their energy and the joy they brought to the crowd. Then, an actress – I’m still passionate about the arts. Finally, a teacher – it’s amazing how life comes full circle sometimes!

Young Andrea White

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