Report Work Experience

College of Arts + Sciences graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to report their work experience, internship and post-graduation successes through our secure career analytics site. We collect and use this data to share with the College of Arts + Sciences community, populate the dashboard below, and make predictions for the future.

First Destination

First Destination refers to the the post-graduation status of students within 6 months following graduation from the College of Arts + Sciences. Graduates of the College of Arts + Sciences pursue a variety of destinations beyond traditional employment with an organization, including graduate school, artistic endeavors, entrepreneurial opportunities, and service, among others.

Top Employers

The list of employers featured here is based on information reported by students or employers to the College of Arts + Sciences or employment data that is made publicly-available by students. The list is formulated based on the most-commonly reported hiring employers. Employing organizations are only displayed below if more than one student has been hired by the organization for the selected graduation year(s). However, College of Arts + Sciences students take positions with companies of all sizes, including many small businesses and organizations.

Employment Industry

Industry groupings here are based on the employing organization’s industry classification. College of Arts +Sciences graduates complete a variety of functions within the broad industry categories listed below. The Walter Center for Career Achievement curates industry-focused Career Communities  that empower College students to connect with alumni, attend events, explore resources, and apply for positions related to each Community. Learn more.

Employment Quality

Beyond placement within an organization, other important indicators provide more accurate idea of first destination outcome success as defined by the recent graduate. The first metric “Satisfaction” provides student responses to a question about overall satisfaction with the accepted position. “Relation to Degree” offers student replies to the question “Do you feel your job is related to your field of study?” Alignment to Career Goals allows students to report how their first position fits in with their bigger career plans. Finally, Education Requirements exhibits the qualifications for the position accepted by the graduate.

Starting Salary

The salary metrics listed are based on student-reported starting salaries and do not include bonuses or other possible monetary benefits including tuition reimbursement, health insurance, among others. Cost of living is an important consideration with these data, as a majority of graduates accept a position in the Midwest, with around 50% of each graduating class taking positions in Indiana. U.S. geographic region is a significant predictor of starting salary.

Employment Locations

A majority of College of Arts + Sciences students are Indiana residents. While many graduates remain in the Hoosier state for their first position, College students accept positions all over the nation and around the world. Over the past few years Illinois, New York, and California have been common destinations outside Indiana.

United States


Experiential Learning

At the Walter Center, we believe that meaningful experiences while at IU are essential for securing meaningful experiences after graduation. Whether it’s getting involved in a student organization, engaging in research with faculty, studying abroad, or completing an internship, these high-impact practices empower students to learn about themselves and their career ambitions.

Degree Types

Around 1/4 of each graduating class enrolls directly into a program of continuing education. While most choose either a doctoral or master's program, some students elect to continue their education through certificate programs or other specialized training.

Top Universities

While the list below provides a list of universities most-often attended by College graduates, alumni enroll in programs across the country and around the world, including schools in Argentina, Germany, South Korea, Australia, China, Israel, and the United Kingdom, among others.

Fields of Study

As with other metrics, Fields of Study highlights the diversity of interests of College graduates. Many study Medicine and Law, but many more pursue education in unique and innovative topics.