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Now Hiring: Inogen Seeks Multiple Positions in Medical Sales


Inogen is seeking Inside Medical Sales Representatives for their Cleveland, Dallas, and Santa Barbra locations and a Patient Qualification Representative for their Cleveland location.

Who Are We:

Inogen is a company that originated from three students who won a collegiate …

By William Pape
William Pape Peer Coach William Pape
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All Careers Considered: Astrology, Yoga & Wellness, and Maximizing your Liberal Arts Degree with Emily Ridout


This week we spoke with Emily Ridout, Folklore and Ethnomusicology BA ‘19. Emily is an AstroYoga specialist and has a super interesting background. In this episode, we talked about what she loved about her time at IU and …

By Camryn Schreiner
Camryn Schreiner Videography Intern Camryn Schreiner
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Curious about WCSN Projects? Let Senior Mistee Saylor Tell You Her Experience


The Walter Center Success Network recently launched a new feature — WCSN Projects. This new feature allows College of Arts + Sciences students work directly with College alumni on various projects so the student can gain valuable new skills and work experience. …

By Geoffrey Heck
Geoffrey Heck Peer Coach Geoffrey Heck
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Now Hiring: Interested in Design Consulting? Learn more with PwC!


Calling all Design majors! Have you considered a career in consulting but aren’t sure where to start? Join PwC on February 18th from 6 – 7 p.m. to learn about our Women’s Consulting Experience and internship opportunities in PwC’s Experience …

By Heather Farmer
Heather Farmer Associate Director of Employer Relations, Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design Heather Farmer
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All Careers Considered: Finding Your Photography Style & Owning A Small Business with Stephanie Stewart

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 8.59.45 PM

This week we speak with Stephanie Stewart, who started her own photography business after graduating from Indiana University in 2002. She shares her experience as a wedding and portrait photographer, which skills have been most helpful to her as an …

By Camryn Schreiner
Camryn Schreiner Videography Intern Camryn Schreiner
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