Education, Non-Profit + Social Services

ARE YOU A PROBLEM SOLVER WITH STRONG ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS AND A PASSION FOR MAKING A BETTER WORLD? Are you looking for a career that will enable you to serve others and address tough social problems?

Consider utilizing this career community if:
• You are drawn to the work of directly helping others.
• You have a passion for teaching and learning, and enjoy seeing others grow and succeed.
• You want to tackle projects related to social justice and social welfare.
• You have an interest in working in education, government, or nonprofit organizations that work to improve the welfare of individuals and communities.
• You are inspired by the challenges of researching social problems and discovering better solutions.

Explore the Education, Non-Profit + Social Services career community to gain valuable insights from working professionals, learn about internships and job opportunities, and keep up with current trends.

Non-profit Internship and Job Search


Research: If you are interested in a career working in the non-profit world, start by researching companies on GuideStar. GuideStar has complete, up-to-date information on thousands of nonprofits, including IRS dat
Job and Internship Search: Once you have researched companies, …

By Kimberly Good
Kimberly Good Senior Career Coach Kimberly Good
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You Can’t Spell Winter Career + Internship Fair Without “WIN”

Business people walking together in the city

Why point out that nifty fact?! Because The Walter Center has  resources to help you to WIN at this year’s Winter Career + Internship Fair.  With these resources, every interaction with an employer will be a slam dunk!  To make it …

By Kaitlynn Cull
Kaitlynn Cull Peer Coach Kaitlynn Cull
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Employer Spotlight: RePublic Schools

Who They Are

RePublic Schools is a network of high-performing public charter schools based in Nashville, TN and Jackson, MS with a mission to reimagine public education in the South and prepare all of our scholars to graduate from college. …

By Courtney Stapleton
Courtney Stapleton Courtney Stapleton
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Stop Missing Out on The Hidden Job (and Internship) Market


Did you know?  The jobs and internships you want are playing hide and seek with you – that’s right, I bet you didn’t even know you were playing hide and seek!  Something like 80% of available job and internship opportunities …

By Kaitlynn Cull
Kaitlynn Cull Peer Coach Kaitlynn Cull
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Opportunities to Teach with a Liberal Arts Degree


In the United States: 

Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL)
City Year
Teach for America
Urban Teachers


CIEE Teach Abroad Programs
EPIK & TALK (South Korea)
Greenheart Travel
International TEFL Academy
Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET)
LZone English …

By Kimberly Good
Kimberly Good Senior Career Coach Kimberly Good
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