Managing Emotions during the Job Search

manage emotions

The “Job Search” is one not to be taken lightly. It is a long process (that’s why we say process), and it takes a toll after a while. You have worked extremely hard on your degree(s) at IU, and sometimes …

By Rachel Landis
Rachel Landis Career Coach Rachel Landis
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8 Things Recent College Grads Need to Know


I’ve been reading some great articles about recent grads and job searching lately. This blog features a combo of two I’ve found especially good for recent college grads trying to land that first job. Numbers one through five are from …

By Chris Klein
Chris Klein Career Coach Chris Klein
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Career Advice from an Executive: Lonnie Nicholson (’86)


Ever wondered how an executive of a company got into their position? Well, before Lonnie Nicholson became VP, Chief Administrative Officer of Kimball International, he was a Computer Science and Math major at IU. Since graduating in 1986, Mr. Nicholson …

By Dana Vanderburgh
Dana Vanderburgh ER Intern Dana Vanderburgh
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Why Passion is the Most Important Aspect of a Career


If you’re still deciding what career path to pursue, consider this perspective on success: you will fail to have a great career if it’s not one of your passions.

Larry Smith, a leading economist, describes this idea in his TED …

By Amanda Stroiman
Amanda Stroiman Peer Advisor Amanda Stroiman
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CFO = Chief Fashion Officer


Have you ever thought about all the ways fashion can influence us?

Fashion for work? Fashion for fun? Fashion for empowerment?

This IU Alum actually studied Finance, but realized in his first work experiences that he was most influenced by …

By Rachel Landis
Rachel Landis Career Coach Rachel Landis
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