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Finance, Consulting, Management, & Sales is a career community focused on careers that provide expertise to maximize profitability or effectiveness and sell resources or goods. Positions will vary widely depending on the type of organization and resource being sold.

Alumni Spotlight: Karielle Day (Merchandising ’04)


Karielle Day graduated from IU with a BS degree in Merchandising in 2004. Karielle is now the Director of Merchandising at The Home Depot and is happy to share her advice on her career path and current role for students …

By Dana Vanderburgh
Dana Vanderburgh ER Graduate Assistant Dana Vanderburgh
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2018 Arts Event Calendar: Try One, Try All!


The Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District, better known as BEAD, is a one stop shop (or website) for all your artsy needs while in Bloomington. From upcoming events, to locations, to general information; the BEAD website is a compilation of …

By Carrye Simmons
Carrye Simmons Peer Coach Carrye Simmons
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Qualtrics Case Competition & Idea Challenge a Unique Opportunity for Students


On a snowy Saturday in late March, Qualtrics hosted 26 students from a variety of majors at Indiana University for a unique one-day case competition. The day’s event began with a brief training from Zak Parsons, a recruiter from Qualtrics …

By Staci McFall
Staci McFall Associate Director, Employer Relations Staci McFall
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Let’s Get Down to Business


“…and defeat the Huns!” Just kidding; this isn’t Mulan.  But let’s get down to business and talk…business.

You might be considering a career in business, or maybe you were hoping this would be a blog about Mulan. Either way, …

By Kaitlynn Cull
Kaitlynn Cull Peer Coach Kaitlynn Cull
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The Most Epic Answer to “What Can I Do With This Major?”


Are you wondering what sorts of careers people with your major at IU have gone on to right after graduation?  Are you unsure of what your options are after graduation besides traditional employment? Are you simply asking yourself, “What can …

By Kaitlynn Cull
Kaitlynn Cull Peer Coach Kaitlynn Cull
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