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Finance, Consulting, Management, & Sales is a career community focused on careers that provide expertise to maximize profitability or effectiveness and sell resources or goods. Positions will vary widely depending on the type of organization and resource being sold.

5 Tips on Breaking Into Management


Are you an aspiring manager?  Sometimes it can feel intimidating for a college student or new graduate to break into the field of management.

Here are some tips for breaking into management from an article in Forbes:

Don’t be …

By Kaitlynn Cull
Kaitlynn Cull Peer Coach Kaitlynn Cull
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Funding Alert: Study Abroad Scholarship Applications Open for Fall 2018!


Are you planning to study abroad in the fall of 2018?  Check out this funding opportunity from the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs!

If you’re a part of one of these programs…

21st Century …

By Kaitlynn Cull
Kaitlynn Cull Peer Coach Kaitlynn Cull
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Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

social media

Remember all those times when parents and teachers told you, “Be careful what you put on social media because employers could see that”? Well the time has come for those cautions to become reality. “The use of social media as a …

By Carrye Simmons
Carrye Simmons Peer Coach Carrye Simmons
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How To Break Into the Finance Industry According to the Pros


Are you hoping to break into the finance industry?  3 different finance professionals have shared advice on The Muse!  Let’s quickly walk through a few of their thoughts, broken down by the positions they hold:

Financial Advisor

“In the …

By Kaitlynn Cull
Kaitlynn Cull Peer Coach Kaitlynn Cull
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Employer Spotlight – IU Libraries Communications


Michelle Crowe is the Director of Communications for IU Libraries. She has agreed to showcase unique aspects of the IU Libraries internship program.

Please describe some of the projects that previous interns have worked on.

The internal communications team of …

By Julia Zhu
Julia Zhu Undergraduate Intern Julia Zhu
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