Writing is Part of Every Profession


Guest Blogger Amy Cornell: Writing Is Part of Every Profession

Frequently, I get asked by students, “Can you recommend a class with no writing.  I don’t like writing.”  I have come to understand that most math and science classes have …

By Lauren Little
Lauren Little Career Coach Lauren Little
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Turn that Internship into a Full-Time Job

two women shaking hands

All summer long, you’ve been working hard, networking, gaining new skills and loving your internship. Your colleagues have been great and your supervisor has offered to write a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile. How could this internship end any better? …

By Chris Klein
Chris Klein Career Coach Chris Klein
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What do Personal Financial Advisors do?

business paperwork

Money management is a necessary skill for all, the value of which increases as we age. Whether you’re earning minimum wage in your twenties or you’re preparing for retirement, you need to know how to make your money work for …

By Chris Klein
Chris Klein Career Coach Chris Klein
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Bilingual, Basic or Fluent: What are the Differences?

Man surrounded by world

If you are pursuing a career in that knowledge of a foreign language is required, it’s important to know how to accurately describe your skills. This blog post provides a summary of the various levels your proficiency could fall into.

By Andrea White
Andrea White Assistant Director, Student Services Andrea White
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A Certified “Great Place to Work” Company is Right Here in Indiana

Kimball International

If you’re looking for a world-class career that lets you stay right here in Indiana, be sure to check out Kimball International. Kimball is one of the largest employers in Indiana, and has been certified as a “Great Place to Work”. Located in Jasper, Kimball International consists three brands and over 3,000 employees. Read more »

By Jordan Warner
Jordan Warner Associate Director, Employer Relations Jordan Warner
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