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Graduating? Share Your Post-College Plans!

What Will You do Next?

The Walter Center is currently collecting data for the Class of 2022! If you recently finished school (congratulations!), please let us know what you plan to do next. Use your IU login to access our …

By The Walter Center For Career Achievement
The Walter Center For Career Achievement
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All Careers Considered: Leaving your Comfort Zone with Leila Alejandra

In this episode, we speak with Leila Alejandra (Contreras Cuervo) about her journey from IU Bloomington to her role as Analytical Biochemist at Eurofins. She talks about her journey and her studies abroad that ultimately got her where she is …

By Ricardy Elie
Ricardy Elie Strategic Alumni Engagement Intern
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Showing Up Curious and Passionate with Shanta Thake

In this week’s episode, we speak to Shanta Thake about her educational path and career experiences. We talk about Shanta’s journey from being an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Theater at Indiana University Bloomington to becoming the …

By Sophie Todd
Sophie Todd Peer Coach
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All Careers Considered: Empowering your Passions with Brad Scheisser 

In this episode, we speak with Brad Scheisser about his time at IU Bloomington to his essential role at Bloomington Playwrights Project. Brad talked with us about how from an early age he was surrounded by the theatre and how …

By Jasmine Mercado
Jasmine Mercado Operations Coordinator
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Utilizing Diverse Experiences to Find Your Career Path with Greta Snell

Greta Snell (Journalism ’10), Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Dittoe PR, loved to write but wondered where she would fit in a world of career options. Ultimately, it was the diversity of her experiences on campus and her internships …

By Natalie Techentin
Natalie Techentin Associate Director, Employer Relations
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