Thinking About a Gap Year?

Gap Year Experience

More and more students are choosing to take a gap year before heading to graduate or professional school.  According to “Science Magazine,””Half of medical school-minded students are taking at least one gap year.”  Would you like to engage in research, gain …

By Mary White
Mary White Career Coach Mary White
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Be Innovative! Implement a Health and Wellness Committee Within Your Student Group

Let’s Grow

One way to gain industry knowledge and skills is to create opportunities where you can practice and apply new knowledge. Interested in one day working as a Health and Wellness Coach? Perhaps a Consultant? Perhaps in Human Resources?

This …

By Suzanne Fodor
Suzanne Fodor Career Coach Suzanne Fodor
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IU Symposium on Materials Research

Materials Symposium

The 3rd Annual Symposium on Materials Research will take place at the Indiana University campus on Thursday, July 28, 2016.  This symposium provides IU students and postdocs with a presentation forum for their materials research work, and fosters the potential …

By Mary White
Mary White Career Coach Mary White
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Your Greatest Challenge Can Become Your Greatest Achievement


Guest Blogger Amy Cornell reflects on her greatest academic challenge: science.

In high school, I didn’t do very well in Chemistry. I got the worst grades I had ever gotten, and I learned my lesson as an eleventh grader:  You …

By Lauren Little
Lauren Little Career Coach Lauren Little
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Bilingual, Basic or Fluent: What are the Differences?

Man surrounded by world

If you are pursuing a career in that knowledge of a foreign language is required, it’s important to know how to accurately describe your skills. This blog post provides a summary of the various levels your proficiency could fall into.

By Andrea White
Andrea White Assistant Director, Student Services Andrea White
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