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By Lauren Little
Lauren Little Career Coach Lauren Little
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SNAAP – Strategic Arts Alumni Project


SNAAP is the largest Strategic National Arts Alumni Project in America, and amazingly is housed right in our backyard at IU’s Center for Post-Secondary Research in the School of Education. They have gathered data on over 140,000 arts alumni to …

By Rachel Landis
Rachel Landis Career Coach Rachel Landis
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Connect with Media/Entertainment Professionals on FB


Connecting with Media & Entertainment Professionals is just as easy as logging into your Facebook account.  Follow Media & Entertainment Professionals.  Lots of posts daily—ability to connect with professionals—learn about industry insights. 

By Lauren Little
Lauren Little Career Coach Lauren Little
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Neuroscience Measures Fear in Extreme Climbing

The Mind

Take your passion, combine it with skills, and step into a job you will love forever.

Below is an excellent example of how scientists with a love for extreme sports and the outdoors used their knowledge to study …

By Suzanne Fodor
Suzanne Fodor Career Coach Suzanne Fodor
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Internationalize Your Job Search with Passport Career

passport career logo

Passport Career (PC) is an amazing job search site, with tools for all students looking to internationalize their job and internship search. Here’s how to set up your free profile:
Find PC under our Resources page
Hover over the menu before …

By Chris Klein
Chris Klein Career Coach Chris Klein
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