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All Careers Considered: Taking Advantage of your Opportunities & Network with Tom Thakkar

Next up is my conversation with Tom Thakkar, who is comedian who does stand-up comedy and has he’s been on Conan, Comedy Central, and is the co-host of Stand by Your Band podcast. He graduated from the Media School in …

By Camryn Schreiner
Camryn Schreiner Videography Intern Camryn Schreiner
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Learning The Art of Small Talk

No one particularly likes making small talk.  It can be perceived as dull or intrusive or disingenuous. The important thing to remember about small talk is that the only way to get to the deeper, more interesting conversation, is to …

By Amy Cornell
Amy Cornell Senior Associate Director, Alumni Engagement Amy Cornell
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Coming Soon: Season 4 of All Careers Considered

Welcome back! Stay tuned for a new episode of All Careers Considered which will be airing Friday, January 22. 


By Maureen Langley
Maureen Langley Designer & Marketing Coordinator Maureen Langley
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APPLY NOW: Pulliam Internships





Calling all Journalism and Media Students! The Hoosier State Press Association Foundation will offer NINE Eugene S. Pulliam Internships at newspapers across the state in 2021. The deadline to apply is January 29, 2021.

The summer …

By Sarah Cady
Sarah Cady Associate Director, Employer Relations Sarah Cady
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Practicing Gratitude and Appreciating Your Network

As the semester ends, my thoughts always turn to reflection.  How do I make sense of the semester that is past and prepare for the semester to come? My career in higher education has always revolved around semesters, but perhaps …

By Amy Cornell
Amy Cornell Senior Associate Director, Alumni Engagement Amy Cornell
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