The 9 Best Questions to Ask in an Informational Interview

Young woman working on a project

If you’re considering a career in a field you know little about, there’s no better way to learn more than to talk to a professional in that field. These conversations are called informational interviews and can be one of the …

By Amanda Stroiman
Amanda Stroiman Peer Advisor
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Sephora Gets a Make-over

sephora store

Sephora is taking a step in a new direction by remodeling their store to market a learning environment supported by technology. The Sephora located at 605 N. Michigan Ave.,  is being called the Beauty TIP Workshop — that’s “Teach, Inspire, Play,” according to a …

By Carrye Simmons
Carrye Simmons Peer Coaches
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Internship Season: Cover Letter Tips


As spring is approaching Bloomington, so is internship season. Cover letters are a required component for majority, if not all, internship applications. Here are some tips of creating a cover letter inspired by National Public Radio’s article Hey Students: 5 …

By Alexandria Miskus
Alexandria Miskus Media School Peer Coach
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Bringing Your Voice and Identity to Your Career

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Research has shown that women shy away from applying to positions unless they are 100% qualified (or even overqualified), whereas men apply when they are 60% qualified. Here’s an article that talks about the survey results as to why this …

By Lei Wang
Lei Wang Graduate Intern & Career Coach
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Rocking that Virtual Interview

Startup Stock Photos

It’s interview season! For a lot of graduate programs and job applications, ’tis the time.

As it is cheap and efficient to conduct interviews via online platforms, such as Skype and Google Chat, many organizations have adopted such practices.

Some …

By Lei Wang
Lei Wang Graduate Intern & Career Coach
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