Managing Emotions during the Job Search

manage emotions

The “Job Search” is one not to be taken lightly. It is a long process (that’s why we say process), and it takes a toll after a while. You have worked extremely hard on your degree(s) at IU, and sometimes …

By Rachel Landis
Rachel Landis Career Coach Rachel Landis
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Why Passion is the Most Important Aspect of a Career


If you’re still deciding what career path to pursue, consider this perspective on success: you will fail to have a great career if it’s not one of your passions.

Larry Smith, a leading economist, describes this idea in his TED …

By Amanda Stroiman
Amanda Stroiman Peer Advisor Amanda Stroiman
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How to Come Back to Your Current Employer Next Year

work for it

Summer is a time for many things, including rest and relaxation, travel, and gaining experience that is relevant to your career. If you are fortunate enough to be enjoying your current internship, then you may already be thinking about how …

By Chris Klein
Chris Klein Career Coach Chris Klein
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The One Key Trait Women Need to Rise to the Top of Their Industry


For women in many industries, they find it difficult to break the barrier between middle and top positions, but can’t figure out why and choose to remain in middle management positions. Women represent 50 percent of middle management and professional …

By Amanda Stroiman
Amanda Stroiman Peer Advisor Amanda Stroiman
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Three Factors to Consider for Graduate School


For those of you going through the graduate school process next semester or considering furthering your education, there are a lot of points to consider.

I applied to five master’s degree programs in Higher Education and Student Affairs. I committed …

By Alexandria Miskus
Alexandria Miskus Media School Peer Coach Alexandria Miskus
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