Science and Research

Science and Research is a career community focused on planning, management, and research in a variety of scientific and technical environments. Positions in this area may include research and development, laboratory/field work, and sales that focus on improving lives by bringing together technology and sciences.

How to Show off your Skills: The 2X “Secret”


I admit this isn’t really a secret, but it is a good idea: Standing out is not necessarily about being the best (or even very good) at any one particular thing, but rather developing rare and valuable combinations of skills. …

By Trevor Verrot
Trevor Verrot Career Coach Trevor Verrot
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Summer Opportunities For Undergraduates In Science & Research

3.12 Pathways to science is a hub for all sorts of interesting opportunities for individuals interested in gaining career training in the sciences.

In addition to webinars and resources on professional development, this website offers:

Openings for 650+ Research Experience for Undergradutes (REU) …

By Aaron Brutkiewicz
Aaron Brutkiewicz Graduate Intern & Career Coach Aaron Brutkiewicz
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IU Volleyball Program in Search of a Hype Person


IU volleyball Coach Steve Aird is looking for a hype person to help make the next volleyball season the best it can be!

This position would require the student to take part in various events such as in-game promotions and …

By Courtney Stapleton
Courtney Stapleton Courtney Stapleton
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How to Handle Rejection When Things Don’t Work Out as Planned


It happens to everyone, and it will happen to you. Sometimes, it seems like it’s happening all the time. When a job doesn’t work out; when a prize, internship, or scholarship goes to someone else; when a client doesn’t like …

By Trevor Verrot
Trevor Verrot Career Coach Trevor Verrot
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Summer Undergraduate Medical Research Programs

undergrad research

For students interested in pursuing careers in medicine or medical research, the Association of American Medical Colleges provides a huge list of undergraduate research programs offered during the summer. The list contains information about summer research programs at universities all …

By Jocelyn White
Jocelyn White Peer Coach Jocelyn White
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