Where do I find non-academic jobs as a grad student?

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Graduate school is challenging enough for the academic rigor, let alone trying to determine what jobs to apply for after graduation. Thankfully, there’s an awesome (and free!) resource called Versatile PhD that has a lot of information, job postings, and …

By Chris Klein
Chris Klein Career Coach
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Dress for Success: How Clothes Influence Our Performance


If you’ve spilled coffee on your shirt and were unable to change during the day, you probably know what it feels like to not feel your best because of how you’re dressed. But how you dress has deeper psychological implications …

By Amanda Stroiman
Amanda Stroiman Peer Advisor
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Alumni Spotlight: Chris Dunham from LinkedIn

Chris Dunham

Chris Dunham is an Account Manager for LinkedIn, and a 2009 IU alum who studied Business Management. Chris recently took some time to share his career experiences and insights with The Walter Center. Read more »

By Taylor Goodman
Taylor Goodman
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Fourteen Years Later, the World is at her Fingertips: Ruth Harpool’s (’99) Career Journey


Meet Ruth Anne Harpool, the Managing Director of Treasury Operations at Indiana University. Her journey back to IU took her fourteen years and during that time, she learned a lot about her career aspirations and herself along the way. Read …

By Dana Vanderburgh
Dana Vanderburgh ER Intern
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Feedback for Unsuccessful Job Interviews


While on LinkedIn, I came across this interesting blog post and thought I’ll share.

Essentially, the author talks about his experience of receiving constructive feedback from the HR manager after interviewing with a start-up company. The author also lists out …

By Lei Wang
Lei Wang Graduate Intern & Career Coach
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