Technology, Data, and Analytics

Technology, Data, and Analytics is a career community focused on the collection of information to solve problems in science, health research, economics, business, engineering, and market research. The industry aims to organize, interpret, and summarize numerical data in order to provide usable information.

How Do You Find Your Purpose?

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Many of us are able to identify our skills and interests, but how easy is it to define our purpose in life? A career is more than a job, it can be a way to pursue what we’re passionate about. …

By Andrea White
Andrea White Assistant Director, Student Services Andrea White
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BroadwayHD: First ever live-stream of a Broadway show


She Loves Me (the story of rival perfume shop employees unaware that they’re each other’s romantic pen pal – also what inspired You’ve Got Mail) will be streamed live June 30, 8PM EST and available for a week on BroadwayHD, …

By Rachel Landis
Rachel Landis Career Coach Rachel Landis
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Tech Tools for Nonprofits!

tech tools for nonprofits

This hands-on training opportunity will focus on a variety of free and low cost technology tools that are sure to improve efficiency, productivity and creativity for your nonprofit.

Marcus Whited from the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County will …

By Chris Klein
Chris Klein Career Coach Chris Klein
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Student Spotlight: Corinne Cominator and Costello

Corinne & Costello

Meet Corinne!

Junior Psychology B.A.
Recently gained a position in IU’s Center for Survey Research
I.U. Student Athlete in Cross Country
Founder of SHIELD

What does the word “Career” mean to you?

For me, career is a lifelong journey. It …

By Suzanne Fodor
Suzanne Fodor Career Coach Suzanne Fodor
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IU Project STEM – High School Summer Research Program

Project STEM 4

Each summer, high school students have the opportunity to conduct research at IU in areas such as Neuroscience, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Chemistry, Optometry, and Geography. Project STEM (formerly Project SEED) was founded in 1968, pairing area high school students interested in science and …

By Mary White
Mary White Career Coach Mary White
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