New Year, New You! Tips on Crafting Your Professional Brand


Happy New Year!  Whether your New Year resolution was to exercise, to eat better, to study harder, or to not make a resolution, The Walter Center has a career-oriented resolution that you can implement!  If you have not yet built …

By Kaitlynn Cull
Kaitlynn Cull Peer Coach Kaitlynn Cull
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Intern with the Indiana Arts Commission


The Indiana Arts Commission is searching for a summer intern. Check out the posting here and apply by January 22, 2018.

By Randi Edmonds
Randi Edmonds Career Coach Randi Edmonds
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Google Study Highlights the Importance of Soft Skills


It is a common belief these days that hard skills (like those learned in STEM majors) are more critical for workplace success than soft skills (like communication and listening skills). Many studies have refuted this belief, but one of the …

By Justin Zuschlag
Justin Zuschlag Senior Associate Director, Student Services Justin Zuschlag
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Get SMART Before Spring Semester!


No, I’m not talking about the movie Get Smart, either.  I’m talking about SMART goals!  SMART goals stand for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Winter break is a particularly wonderful time for goal-setting because you have time to …

By Kaitlynn Cull
Kaitlynn Cull Peer Coach Kaitlynn Cull
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Aha Moment no. 4 Sara Singh


I’ve been asking alumni to tell me about an Aha Moment that changed their career focus.

Aha Moment: a specific point in time when you suddenly know something you didn’t know before and you are now inspired to do something …

By Marcia Debnam
Marcia Debnam Career Coach Marcia Debnam
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