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ANTH-L 204 Language and (In)Tolerance in the U.S.

Professor: Dr. Philip S. LeSourd
Credits: 3

This course explores the roles that perceptions of linguistic differences play in intolerant behavior on the part of some segments of American society. Topics include American attitudes toward differences in dialect and responses to speakers with foreign accents, linguistic aspects of the immigrant experience, the proper function of bilingual education, the question of an official language for the United States, and the effects of language ideologies on the lives of minority groups in the U.S. who speak non-standard English.

30563 4:00P-05:15P TR BH 003 P. Lesourd. This class meets with SLST-S 204 (33397). 

*Featured as part of Themester 2017: Diversity, Difference, Otherness