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BIOL-L388 Digital Biology: A Survey of Topics in Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics

Professor: Volker Brendel

Biology has become one of the primary application domains of computer science and informatics approaches. The term “Bioinformatics” covers a wide spectrum of data management and processing associated with large-scale, high-throughput biological data generation. A significant part of biological research these days is conducted “digitally”. This class will survey topics concerning the generation and analysis of biomolecular sequence data (DNA and protein) that underpin much of modern biology, including for example genetics; ecology, evolution, and population biology; and structural biology. Applications in medicine and biotechnology are changing the world we live in.

The course should be of interest to you if one or more of the following apply to you: (1) You are curious and would like to learn about a “hot topic”; (2) You want to expand your range of options for graduate school; (3) You are considering a high-paying job in the biotechnology sector.


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