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INTL-I 422: Contested Territories/Conflicted Identities

Professor: Dr. Elizabeth Dunn
Credits: 3

Topic: INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN AID. There are 65 million refugees and internally displaced people in the world today. The ongoing refugee crisis in Europe has brought the lives displaced people live to public attention. Many of them are stuck in camps, with little prospect of leaving them. Others are adrift in large urban areas, forced to live in derelict housing or to send their young children out to work. What should be done to help these people? What problems do nation-states, aid agencies, businesses and volunteers face when they try to address this crisis? Can displaced people themselves construct meaningful lives while they remain “permanently temporary”? We will address this issue on global, regional, national and personal levels, trying to discover how to provide help that really helps.

13124 2:30P-5:00P TR SB017 E. Dunn. This class meets with a section of INTL-I 500.

This class meets second eight weeks only: 10/16/17 – 12/15/17