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MSCH-X370 “1968 Experimental Art and Politics Conference Practicum”

Professor: Dr. Joan Hawkins
Credits: 2

The Sixties were a turbulent period, characterized by major revolutions in scholarship, politics, culture and the arts. Indiana University, in conjunction with The Burroughs Century, plans an academic symposium welcoming scholars, archivists, filmmakers, and others interested in exploring the intellectual and aesthetic legacy of 1968, during its 50th anniversary year. The conference will be held on the beautiful Bloomington, Indiana campus and will be hosted by Indiana University’s Media School; the Indiana University Libraries (including the Lilly Library and the IU Libraries Moving Image Archive); and Indiana University Cinema, which has earned an international reputation for the high quality of its facilities and programming. Accompanying the symposium will be a series of films and an exhibition featuring rare and unique items from the IU Library collection. Renowned scholars such as Greil Marcus, McKenzie Wark, and, possibly, Kristin Ross are expected to give talks, introduce films, and appear in Q&A sessions following screenings.

In addition, we are planning an art exhibit, as well as series of experimental music performances and spoken word presentations, in keeping with the larger theme of radical aesthetics. Students enrolling in this class will help to plan and put on the conference and event series. In the fall 2017, there will be some reading, lecture and a series of screenings to help students gain expertise in the topic (2 credit hours). There will also be planning, design and marketing committee work.  In the Spring 2018 the class will only meet for the first 8 weeks.   It will be all hands on practicum.