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POLS-Y 329 Racial and Ethnic Politics in the U.S.

Professor: Dr. Bernard Fraga
Credits: 3

Issues of race and ethnicity have shaped American political history from the colonial era to the present, long before the historic elections that gave us presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Thus, a complete understanding of American politics demands knowledge of the political experience of African-Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native Americans along with non-Hispanic Whites. In this course, we will explore the development and maintenance of racial and ethnic boundaries and identities, the inclusion of minority groups and interests into electoral politics, racism and forms of conflict between ethnic groups, and how immigration and an increasingly diverse American society will impact the future political landscape.

30412 4:00P-05:15P MW WH 003  B. Fraga. This class meets with LATS-L 396 (30563).

*Featured as part of Themester 2017: Diversity, Difference, Otherness