Connect 2017

Friday, March 3; 9am – 6pm
Tree Suites, Indiana Memorial Union
This new conference-style event will bring 20+ distinguished alumni from the College to help students learn about diverse career paths that begin in the liberal arts and sciences. In addition to the sessions below, alumni will be available for one-on-one and roundtable discussions.

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Session 1: 9:00am – 10:15am

Business, Builders, and Entrepreneurs, Walnut Room (M015)
Alumni Panelists: Paul Bosler, Michael Dixon, Greg Shugar, Linda Voss
Join founders, executives, and entrepreneurs who leveraged liberal arts and sciences degrees for great success in business. Topics include: starting your own business, capitalizing on opportunities, and taking risks.
Gender in the Workplace, Maple Room (M020)
Alumni Panelists: Judi Bosler, Katie Fagan, Chelsea Jones, Nancy Labiner, Brandi Vardiman
Discuss the role gender plays in the world of work with alumni from a variety of industries and environments. Topics include: workplace expectations, gender equity, and self-advocacy.
Careers in Psychology, Mental Health, and Medicine, Oak Room (M012)
Alumni Panelists: Gail Robertson, Keith Sims
Have a love of communication and an interest in health and wellness? Learn about credentials and education, unexpected challenges, and industry advice from professionals in the field.

Session 2: 10:30 am – 11:45 am

Career Twists: Unexpected Paths to a Fulfilling Career, Walnut Room (M015)
Alumni Panelists: Nancy Labiner, Greg Shugar, Julie Singer, Sacha Thieme
Connect with alumni whose education and experiences shaped their careers in unforeseen ways. Topics include: the versatility of a liberal arts education and pursuing your passion.
Breaking Into Media, Oak Room (M012)
Alumni Panelists: Shannon Cogan, Katie Fagan, Krista Short, Thom Patterson
Explore different branches of the media industry and learn how to stand out in a competitive market. Topics include: industry trends, strategies for success, and unforeseen challenges.
Making an Impact: Careers That Shape Community, Maple Room (M020)
Alumni Panelists: Gail Robertson, Lucy Schaich, Keith Sims, Brandi Vardiman
Hear from alumni who are motivated to make a difference. Topics include: finding meaningful work, careers in service; and balancing altruism with self-care.

Session 3: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Networking Luncheon with Alumni, Frangipani Room (M051)
Join alumni from all sessions for unstructured time to ask questions, learn more about their careers, and make individual connections. Staff from the Walter Center for Career Achievement will also be onsite to answer questions about career communities, internship funding, and other services.

Session 4: 1:30 pm – 2:45 pm

Failing Up: Making the Most of Your Mistakes, Walnut Room (M015)
Alumni Panelists: Jim Trilling, Julie Singer, Brandi Vardiman
Talk and laugh with alumni who recovered (and thrived) after making big mistakes. Topics include: putting your foot in your mouth, bouncing back, and growing through adversity.
Notes from the Lab: Careers in Research, Oak Room (M012)
Alumni Panelists: Judi Bosler, Jennifer Grubb, Jennifer Rinker, Abrin Schmucker, Alyssa Woolard
Connect with alumni who discovered interesting and unique jobs with their technical skills and research acumen. Topics include: career paths outside academia and finding opportunities.
A Good Fit: Finding the Retail Role That’s Right for You, Maple Room (M020)
Alumni Panelists: Nicole Danielson, Chelsea Jones, Dana Olsen, Greg Shugar
Alumni discuss the wide range of opportunities in product merchandising. Topics include: Balancing business with creativity, reaching new markets and the technological trends which will shape the future of retail.

Session 5: 3:00 pm – 4:15 pm

Adulting: Tips for Entering the Workforce, Walnut Room (M015)
Alumni Panelists: Michael Dixon, Nancy Labiner, Gail Robertson
Hear tips and stories from alumni about the transition from college student to professional employee. Topics include: understanding workplace culture, strategies for success, and finding a mentor.
Interning: Making the Most of Your Experience, Oak Room (M012)
Alumni Panelists: Shannon Cogan, Abrin Schmucker, Keith Sims, Jim Trilling
Alumni who work with interns provide insight on what makes individuals stand out in the workplace. Topics include: finding opportunities, the dos and don’ts of interning, and securing internship funding.
Art Works: Careers in Visual, Written and Performing Arts, Maple Room (M020)
Alumni Panelists: Katie Fagan, Jennifer Grubb, Chelsea Jones, Linda Voss
Interact with alumni whose love for the arts has shaped their careers. Topics include: finding opportunities, putting yourself in a position to succeed, and making an impression in a crowded industry.


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