Be a Career Champion

We want each student to develop their career aspirations and move toward their career goals, but we can’t meet the needs of 14,000 undergraduate and graduate students alone. As a College of Arts + Sciences faculty member, you’re already well-positioned to make an impact on students’ career readiness through your time spent in the classroom and the trust your students already have in you.

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Inspire Career Exploration & Encourage Networking

While the skills developed through a liberal arts curriculum prepare students for a seemingly endless range of careers, this is often overwhelming to those who don’t know where to begin. Exposing students to different careers through alumni is a great way to inspire students to explore their interests, kick-start their career decision-making, and get them to practice networking.

Many students are hesitant to engage with alumni and employers, but we want to reframe networking as a necessary and genuine way to engage professionally throughout the world of work. It’s estimated that 85% of positions are filled through networking!

Use these strategies to incorporate career exploration and networking in your courses:

Tell Stories of Former Students or Invite them to Visit
By telling stories about previous students who are now doing interesting work inside and outside of the discipline, you can expose students to many paths. You can even talk about your own career trajectory, even if your students aren’t interested in academia, there’s much to be learned from everyone’s individual career development stories.You can also host a career panel featuring former students in a variety of careers, or have a Zoom call with just one alum. This introduces current students to former students in a group setting, but introductions can also be made one-on-one.

Incentize Students to Connect with Alumni and Employers
Incentivize your students by assigning them to conduct an informational interview with an alum who has a career that interests the student using our ‘Curious Conversations’ assignment.You can also require or incentivize your students to attend one of the Walter Center’s programs, such as a career fair, employer or alumni event. The Walter Center can verify attendance from your classes.

Partner with the Walter Center to Develop a Liberal Arts Impact Event
Liberal Arts Impact is a series of events that have connected thousands of Indiana University students directly with hundreds of College of Arts + Sciences alumni. This informal event allows students to hear from alumni of your department on how they’ve used their liberal arts education in starting and advancing their careers. These alumni work in a variety of industries and will share ways to strategically leverage the advantage a liberal arts degree has across career fields.Get in touch with Amy Cornell, Senior Associate Director, Strategic Alumni Engagement to begin planning your department’s event!

Boost Ability to Articulate Skills

Each year, when employers across the country are polled on which skills are most important to them in hiring, the same skills make the top of the list — written and verbal communication, problem-solving, ability to work in a team, initiative, analytical and quantitative skills, work ethic, leadership, and detail-orientation. Students develop many of these skills through coursework but don’t always know how to articulate them throughout the job search process.

Help your students connect the dots and think about skills they learn in class:

Require Students to Visit the Walter Center
Incentivizing students to visit the Walter Center for a one-on-one resume critique allows them to meet with a career coach and practice expressing the skills learned through your course and their liberal arts curriculum. Get in touch with Erin Erwin, Senior Associate Director, Career Education to organize this assignment.

Partner with an Employer
Work with Will Reed, Senior Associate Director, Employer Relations to partner with an employer to develop projects and assessments that require students to apply their learning to real or simulated industry problems.

Lastly, amend your syllabus to include transferable skills learned in your courses alongside your learning outcomes.

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Questions? Please direct general inquiries to iuwalter@indiana.edu or call the Walter Center for Career Achievement at 812-856-4278.