Welcome to the Walter Center

We exist to empower every Arts + Sciences student to turn their diverse talents and passions into successful and rewarding careers. We believe that career development is a fundamental component of an Arts + Sciences education. Our vision is to build a community of advocates – including staff, alumni, employers and YOU, our faculty – to collaboratively aid our students in the pursuit of post-graduation success.

One of our primary methods for facilitating this community is through academic integration – making career planning an unavoidable, embedded component of each student’s experience in the College of Arts + Sciences. We see faculty as one of the most important stakeholders in this initiative and we hope to partner with you to infuse each student’s time on campus with meaningful and impactful engagement in career development.

We know that your time is valuable and often scarce, which is why we strive to tailor our approach with your department to meet the unique needs of the faculty and students in the discipline. We have included some potential resources and engagement ideas below, but we hope you’ll reach out to us to develop a tailored approach for your department.

How we Support Arts + Sciences Faculty

‘Don’t Cancel Class’ Presentations

Planning on canceling class meetings this semester? Don’t do it yet — let a career coach lead your class for the day! We’re prepared to discuss a variety of career-related subjects.

Explore Student Outcomes

Explore the dashboard on recent College graduates including employers, industries, salary data, graduate schools, and more using the student outcomes dashboard. Faculty with administrative access can view student-level data with the Career Analytics Platform (CAP).

Request Programming

Through our Liberal Arts Impact program series, we’ll help you tell the story of career possibilities in your discipline by connecting your students with alumni using their degrees across a variety of industries.