Meet with a Career Coach

College of Arts + Sciences Career Coaching

Come see us as soon as you’ve declared your major. We’ll get you started—and we’ll be with you every step of the way, from finding experiences that make you marketable to deciding on a career that matches your values, interests, and strengths. The greatest work you’ll ever do is loving who you are and feeling empowered by what you believe in. Let us help you translate your degree from the College of Arts and Sciences into a challenging, fulfilling career.

Update 3/16/20: All Career Coaching appointments will be via Phone/Zoom for the time being. Instructions will be emailed to you after scheduling an appointment. Drop-in coaching can be requested by Facebook Messenger or email.


Career Coaching for Current Students

Undergraduate + Graduate Students in the College of Arts + Sciences can schedule an appointment by following the instructions below. Don’t have time for a scheduled appointment? Drop by Career Studio instead.


Watch us do it:

Or follow these steps:

1. Go to Career Link.

2. Select Student/Alumni and log in with your CAS credentials.

3. If this is your first appointment ever, fill out your personal and academic profile information.

4. Once you’re logged in, click “Request a Career Coaching Appointment” under “Shortcuts” in the right sidebar. Selecting Calendar and Counseling Appointment from the left navigation also works. 

5. When you reach the appointment scheduler, you must fill out all fields, which includes Type, Date Range, Time Range, Length, Counselor(s), and Days of the Week.

6. Click the “Check Availability” and choose a date and time that works for you. If none work, adjust date or time and try again.

7. A dialogue box will open. Be sure to write a brief statement describing what you’d like to discuss because this helps your coach prepare for your appointment. Once you’ve done this, select the Submit Request button at the bottom of the page. If you want this to be a phone or Zoom appointment, request that here.

8. You will receive an appointment approval or rejection e-mail from your career coach with additional details about your appointment time and location.

Career Coaching for Alumni

College of Arts + Sciences alumni who have graduated in the past three years can request a coaching appointment with the Walter Center. Otherwise, if you’re IU alumni seeking career coaching, head over to the IU Alumni Association.