All Careers Considered: A Podcast

All Careers Considered is a podcast to help you explore and achieve your career goals. Each episode focuses on a different topic, ranging from 3-5 minute micro-episodes that answer FAQs to 15-20 minute conversations with recruiters, current students, and alumni about the coolest jobs and the best ways to land them.

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Season 3

Episode 00: Season 3 is all about Democracy

Episode 01: Using Her Voice in State Politics with Cherrish Pryor

Episode 02: Applying Data to Government + Public Policy with Eric Langowski.

Episode 03: Using Technology to Enhance History, Art + Travel Experiences for All with Kathleen Burnett

Episode 04: Andrea Vega Yudigo Embraces Election Season as a Reporter & Young Professional

Episode 05: Embracing Nontraditional News with Hannah Alani

Episode 06: College Voters Make a Difference with Mark Fraley

Episode 07: Navigating Competitive Job Fields with Suzanne Schaefer

Season 2

Episode 00: Introducing Season 2

Episode 01: Lumberjane for a Summer

Episode 02: New Skills = New Opportunities

Episode 03: Celebrating Your Graduation

Episode 04: Don’t Sweat Small Beginnings

Episode 05: Spotlight on Micro-Internships with Parker Dewey

Episode 06: How to Network on Twitter with Galen Clavio

Episode 07: From a Recruiters Perspective with Jordan Haas

Episode 08: Deciding Whether to Go to Grad School During a Recession with Katie Beck

Episode 09: Mentoring and Your Career with Megan Caldwell

Episode 10: How to Network as a College Student with Toni Neely

Season 1

Episode 00: Welcome to All Careers Considered

Episode 01: Career Fair 101

Episode 02: Who Comes to a Career Fair?

Episode 03: Finding Information about Employers (+ Why You Need To!)

Episode 04: What to Bring + Wear to the Career Fair

Episode 05: Starting the Conversation + perfecting your “Elevator Pitch”

Episode 06: Post-fair Interviewing

Episode 07: Work Authorization + Tips for International Students

Episode 08: Disclosing Disabilities & LGBTQ+ Identities

Episode 09: Quick Tips for Trans + Enby Students