Student Policies

Student Policies

The Walter Center expects students to adhere to the following guidelines created by NACE (National Alliance of Colleges and Employers).

What We Expect From You

  1. Provide accurate information about your academic work and records, including courses taken, grades, positions held, and duties performed.
    You can, however, refuse to provide an employer with specific information about any job offers you may have received from other employers. You do not have to name the organizations that have made you offers, nor do you have to provide specific information about what salaries you’ve discussed with those organizations. Instead, you can give broad responses to such questions, naming types of employers—”I’ve interviewed with employers in the retail industry”—and offering salary ranges rather than specific dollar amounts—”The salary offers I’ve received have been in the $35,000 to $40,000 range.” Incidentally, it’s in your best interest to research salaries and to let employers know that you have done so.
  1. Be honest.
    Conduct your job search with honesty and integrity. Do not lie or stretch the truth on your resume, applications, or during any part of the interview process.  
  1. Interview genuinely.
    Interview only with employers you’re sincerely interested in working for and whose eligibility requirements you meet. “Practice” interviewing is misleading to employers—wasting both their time and money—and prevents sincerely interested candidates from using those interview slots.
  1. Adhere to schedules.
    Appear for all interviews, on campus and elsewhere, unless unforeseeable events prevent you from doing so. And, if you can’t make the interview because of an unforeseeable event, notify your career center AND the employer at the earliest possible moment.
  1. Don’t keep employers hanging.
    Communicate your acceptance or refusal of a job offer to employers as promptly as possible, so they can notify other candidates that they are still being considered or that the position is filled.
  2. Accept a job offer in good faith.
    When you accept an offer, you should have every intention of honoring that commitment. Accepting an offer only as a precautionary measure is misleading to the employer and may restrict opportunities for others who are genuinely interested in that employer.
  3. Withdraw from recruiting when your job search is completed.
    If you accept an offer or decide that full-time graduate or professional studies are for you, notify your career center and withdraw from the on-campus recruiting process immediately. And, let employers that are actively considering you for a job know that you are now out of the running. By informing everyone that you’ve got a job or are headed to graduate school, you not only get the chance to brag but also to help your friends who are trying to get on interview schedules or who are being considered for positions.
  1. Claim fair reimbursement.
    If an employer has agreed to reimburse you for expenses you incur in its recruitment process, your request should be only for reasonable and legitimate expenses.  
  1. Obtain the career information you need to make an informed choice about your future.
    It’s up to you to acquire the information about career opportunities, organizations, and any other information that might influence your decisions about an employing organization.

Interview No-Show Policy

In the event you fail to attend (“No-Show”) a scheduled interview, you will be asked to send an apology letter to the employer AND, if applicable, provide documentation to support the reason for the no-show (e.g., doctor’s note, obituary notice, vehicle tow record). Depending on the severity of the offense, we reserve the right to suspend your Handshake account or make a note of your “no-show” for future employers.

Please understand that failure to attend a confirmed interview not only impacts your professional reputation, making it more difficult to obtain interviews with related organizations in the future, but also negatively impacts your fellow students, and Indiana University as a whole. Employers will not continue to recruit students from Indiana University if the students show a pattern of unprofessionalism.

Your Privacy Matters

When using Handshake, your personal information will not be released by the University to an employer identified on the system unless and until you do one or more of the following:

  • Apply for a job/internship;
  • Apply for an interview schedule;
  • Select to be included in a resume book; or
  • Select the option to allow employers to view your profile.

Should you apply for a job/internship, apply for an interview schedule, or select the option to allow employers to view your profile, all information contained within your student profile will be viewable to the employer(s), including your resume, address, email, phone number, work authorization, graduation date, and GPA.


Indiana University Walter Center for Career Achievement (herein the “University”) provides a job referral service for students and prospective employers, whereby employers may post information about their current job listings on the University’s online system. This system, known as “Handshake,” allows students to access those listings to identify possible job listings, submit applications for certain job listings, and arrange interviews with particular employers.

The University is unable to research the integrity of the employers, which may include organizations and individuals, who post their jobs listings on Handshake. The University makes no representations, recommendations or guarantees regarding the accuracy or reliability, or otherwise, of any employer, posted job listing, or employment data transmitted through Handshake. The University urges you, the student, to exercise caution and common sense when utilizing Handshake and when applying for any position posted on the job listings.

University shall not be responsible to anyone who posts or accesses information or otherwise uses Handshake for any direct or indirect harm, damage or loss incurred in connection with such use, regardless of the nature of the alleged harm, damage or loss or corresponding demand, claim or cause of action. Without limiting the foregoing, the University expressly disclaims any responsibility or obligation to assess or determine the suitability of any individual seeking employment, any potential employer, or any potential employment situation. By using the Handshake service as a student or prospective employer, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the University and its employees and agents with respect to any claims made against the University in connection with your use of the service.

User Agreement

By activating your Handshake account to post or retrieve information or to engage in employment activities, you shall be deemed to understand and agree to the above terms and conditions, including but not limited to the disclaimer of University’s liability and the indemnification provision.