What is WCSN?

The Walter Center Success Network is a professional networking platform for the College of Arts + Sciences. By joining WCSN, you will be able to make connections with Hoosiers in your industry or city, share career advice or gain insights from experienced professionals, and access career development resources.

Why should you join?

Meet Other Hoosiers

Whether you’re class of ’19 or ’79, WCSN is exclusively for students of the College of Arts + Sciences. Everyone on WCSN signed up because they want to establish meaningful connections and provide or receive support and guidance.

Get Career Advice

Career-related conversations give you the opportunity to seek knowledge and advice from experts. You can find out how to relocate for a career, arrange job shadowing, prepare for interviews, explore career pathways and much more.

Endless Opportunities

Our alumni are extraordinarily generous when it comes to helping the next generation of Arts + Sciences graduates make connections that lead to rewarding careers.

Student Experiences

Alexis Oser

“He was incredibly insightful! He offered up connections and tips! He knew exactly how to help.”

Anna McCoy

“Colin was very helpful and willing to share his thoughts and advice! I really appreciated him taking the time to talk through my questions with me.”

Lydia Knoll

“…He was able to provide advice to me specifically on how to further diversify my skill set in order to set myself apart from peers.”