What Are Career Communities?

As soon as you enroll in the College of Arts + Sciences, choose a few Career Communities to join. Each community is based around an industry and will offer unique online content – such as alumni spotlights, internship and full-time job opportunities and industry resources – as well as two types of in-person events (see below).

Regardless of your chosen major, you can explore multiple Career Communities and attend events across the industries – you’ll develop a great network for future opportunities and learn about the wonderful career paths available to Arts + Sciences students.


A series of casual events where you can speak off the record with alumni and employers about potential career fields in a laid-back setting. These events are designed to help you learn about your interests and find meaningful work that you’ll love.


A more professional event series catered to students who have decided upon their career paths and are ready to connect with alumni and employers about opportunities. These events are designed to help you achieve success in your internship and full-time job search.

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