What is a Career Community?

Find out what your degree can do for you.

Your College of Arts and Sciences degree is valuable across a wide range of careers and industries. Your academic major doesn’t confine you to a specific job type or field, and now is a great time to explore widely. Career Communities are designed to help you explore online and discover careers that align with your interests and goals.

Each of our 10 career communities focuses on a major industry, such as Healthcare, Technology, or Education, for example. The best approach is to explore broadly by browsing several that interest you. Your skills are transferrable to many career paths.

Get insider knowledge about careers.

Once you’ve chosen the career communities that interest you, start exploring a variety of industry-specific news and blogs, career-focused spotlights, and internship and job opportunities that will help you decide if a career in a particular industry is right for you.

Get advice from experts with IU connections.

In addition to online exploration, the Walter Center offers opportunities to connect with alumni, employers, and faculty who have extensive knowledge and experience in your careers of interest. They’re eager to help you learn more about what it’s like to work in their fields. Find an alumnus to connect with today through the Walter Center Success Network.

Explore Communities

Government, International Affairs + Public Policy

Design, Retail + Apparel

Finance, Consulting, Management + Sales

Journalism, Sports, Entertainment + Production

Marketing, Advertising + Public Relations

Healthcare + Wellness

Technology, Data + Analytics

Education, Non-profit + Social Services

Science + Research

Visual, Written + Performing Arts