Episode 08: Deciding Whether to Go to Grad School During a Recession with Katie Beck


Looking for information about how much graduate school costs? Try starting with the Grad School ROI Calculator, or read about how to Weigh the Costs, Benefits of Graduate School 

Indiana University Bloomington students, alumni, staff members, and faculty all have …

By Ian Sory
Ian Sory Operations Coordinator Ian Sory
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Finding a Job on Handshake: FAQs

handshake featured image

Get answers to the most common student questions about Handshake.

Do you have questions about how to find a job or internship on Handshake? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve compiled answers to the most common questions from …

By Maureen Langley
Maureen Langley Designer & Marketing Coordinator Maureen Langley
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