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Be sure your resume is updated and ready to be shared with potential employers. If you need a little help putting the polish on your application materials, stop by the Career Studio for a little resume TLC.

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Meet with one of our career coaches to help prioritize your goals, investigate potential employers, and frame your mindset going into a career fair or employer event.

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Having the Handshake app downloaded prior to events can speed up the checkin process and allow you to see which employers will be present.

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Know what you’re going to ask (and what you’re going to say)—it shows the employer you’re serious about your job search.

Questions to ask about internships:

  • What experiences might I have as an intern in your organization?
  • Do you offer both paid internships and internships for academic credit?
  • Do many of your interns become full-time employees after their internship?
  • What is your favorite part about working for [name of organization]?

Questions to ask about jobs:

  • What skills do you look for in potential candidates?
  • What type of previous work experiences do you look for in candidates?
  • What’s the best way to apply, and how long does the process usually take?
  • Will you be on campus to interview?

Questions recruiters may ask you:

  • When are you available to begin working?
  • Are you interested in full-time or internship opportunities?
  • What kind of position are you looking for?
  • Which geographic areas are you interested in?
  • Why did you stop by our table today?
  • May I have a copy of your resume?

Don’t ask what positions the employers have; tell them what you’re seeking. The best way to do this is with a prepared “pitch” or elevator speech, a 10- to 15-second introduction that includes:

  • Who you are (your major, your interests) 
  • What you offer (skills, experience)
  • What you’re looking for (a good opportunity to show tailored interest in the company)
  • A good follow-up question

Hi, I’m Bob Marks. I’m a junior at IU majoring in apparel merchandising. I did an internship last summer with a designer in New York and that really piqued my interest in designing clothes for customers with disabilities. I’m hoping to complete another internship in a related area this summer. I know your company recently developed a line of activewear for customers with disabilities. How did this innovative line come about?

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Check out our events calendar for upcoming career fairs and related events at the Walter Center.

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