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With 80+ majors in three schools and divisions, the IU College of Arts and Sciences attracts the best and brightest students from around the world—students who develop the versatile, problem-solving skills that add value to the 21st-century workplace. 

Our students combine a passion for broader learning with career-tailored majors to develop the unique, cross-disciplinary skills that add value to their careers. The Walter Center for Career Achievement can help connect you to the gamechanging talent you've been searching for.

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Let the Walter Center for Career Achievement connect you to top career candidates.

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Our students are also networked for life—connected to over 170,000 active College alumni and over 4,000 alumni volunteers who are committed to helping students prepare for the future through the Walter Center Success Network

A liberal arts degree is the most pragmatic degree one can pursue in a world with increasing uncertainty and volatility. It is designed to equip you with the adaptability that will be critical to navigating many decades of professional life in rapidly evolving landscapes. It is more worth it than ever.

Emily Griffen, The Wall Street Journal, March 2018