Career Connections Fellowship

From classroom to career

While the skills developed through a liberal arts and sciences education are the foundation of career success, students often have trouble connecting what they learn in the classroom to their career pursuits.

The Career Connections Fellowship, a 6-week workshop series, addresses this issue in alignment with IUB 2030 by providing faculty with the time, space, and resources to become advocates for the value of liberal arts and sciences education.

In an interdisciplinary cohort setting, Fellows integrate career competencies into a course they already teach or would like to teach, paying special attention to elevating students’ awareness of how the value of their degree reaches beyond strictly academic settings. The Walter Center for Career Achievement is excited to support past, present, and future Faculty Fellows as a pedagogical community invested in students’ career readiness.

Become a Fellow

During nine hours of workshops throughout a semester, Faculty Fellows will identify and increase the visibility of the career competencies already being taught in their chosen course.

Megan Murphy

Lecturer, Biology

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Jessica O'Reilly

Associate Professor, International Studies

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Commitment to equality

The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to equipping all students to better pursue great post-graduation opportunities, not just the students who come from backgrounds that more readily navigate the complex college environment and its career services. The Career Connections Fellowship is part of this initiative.

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