Meet Ralph Collins Walter

Ralph Collins Walter III, a Los Angeles-based investment analyst and economist, earned his master’s degree in economics from IU Bloomington in 1972. Among other positions, he served as chief operating officer and treasurer for Kayne Anderson Rudnick, an investment management firm.

He was a keen advocate of lifelong learning, which was one of the values that has kept him so closely connected to Indiana University. His dedication to expanding undergraduate opportunities at IU and enriching students’ professionalism have opened the doors to many opportunities for our students and alumni. Through both his generosity and the living example of his dedication to lifelong learning, Dr. Walter was recognized by IU Foundation and presented with the Presidents Circle Laurel Pin in 2018 and the Bicentennial Medal in 2019.

Ralph Walter

Students must realize that being a student is having a job. You have to learn how to learn. You have to acquire the skills that allow you to get your first job, but also the skills that will allow you to have a meaningful career.

Ralph Collins Walter

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